Nov 08 2018 14:36
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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For many cities in the world today it is not an easy task to develop urban planning, follow the latest trends in architecture, create modern and technological buildings and at the same time preserve architectural monuments of the past. Everyone finds their own solutions. Someone neglecting modern technologies is trying to preserve the appearance of the city in its original form, somewhere on the contrary, historical buildings are destroyed for the sake of development, there are cities that the invisible border divides into 2 halves: modern and historical. In this sense, Baku has a completely unique experience. The capital of Azerbaijan, located at the junction of the East and the West, has developed incorporating the traditions of both sides of the world. In the architecture of Baku, the eastern structures of the Middle Ages are harmoniously combined with the Gothic castles of the era of the first oil boom and the buildings in modern style.

 “Baku is a city rich in architectural monuments. Here we see the ancient heritage. Today, experts from different countries have gathered here. Everyone has his own approaches and ideas, but our main goal is to restore architectural monuments while preserving historical heritage,” French architect Dominik Larpin told CBC.

The scientific conference "Architecture and Cultural Heritage, Preserving the Past for the Future" gathered in Baku architecture specialists from France, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Greece and Azerbaijan. The main goal is the exchange of experience and acquaintance with the solutions that Baku has found for itself. The conference has become part of the Fantasy Festival organized by the EU Delegation in Azerbaijan. The festival’s rich program includes seminars, film screenings, exhibitions, art installations, contests and meetings with local and international experts. Its main goal is the preservation of cultural historical heritage.



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