Oct 11 2018 16:27
Turbet Baghirova
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Students of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) took the first, the second and the third places in the further round of World Robot Olympics held in Baku. The BHOS undergraduates participated in Senior High group of the Open category, which was held for students between 17-19 years old. They took first three places and thus, became absolute winners of the second national Olympiad of robots. The BHOS team entitled “Robo-sapience,” which took the first place, received the right to join the World Olympiad of robots which will be held in Thailand in November this year. The BHOS winning team consisted of second-year Process Automation Engineering students.

“The crux of the matter is that how this robot can contribute to the mankind in the modern era. The product we presented to competition is a creative one. Therefore, we won the first place. We have been preparing for this race with great enthusiasm. Honestly speaking, I did not expect the 1st place, but the second or the third places. Winning the first place was a great surprise for me,” Ramil Abbaszade, a“Robo-Sapience” team member said.

 Farid Hamidov, a third-year student of the Baku Higher Oil School, who is a team mentor at the same time, also participated in the World Robot Olympiad in previous years. He says that along with motivating his team, the mentor’s duty also involve sharing his experience. According to the rules of the competition, mentors do not directly participate in the development of a robot.

“The main function of our robot was to sow seeds in a certain area and continue work in this direction. It was not a multifunctional robot in the first round. But we will do our best at the Olympics that will be held in Thailand. We will try to advance the functions of our robot. At the same time, we feel a bit insecure in front of the technologies of developed countries, such as Germany, Russia and others,” “Robo-Sapience” team mentor Farid Hamidov said.

Khalida Aliyeva, the only female team member, noted that representing Azerbaijan at the World Robot Olympics was honorable. At the same time, she said that the Baku Higher Oil School had always supported young people.

“We will represent not only our school, but also the entire Azerbaijan. We understand this responsibility and will do our best to present our country decently. We consider Avabotex team an opponent for us. We see that they are well prepared in terms of the structure of robot. But we believe we can win,” Khalida Aliyeva, “Robo-Sapience” team member said.

The students of the Baku Higher Oil School intend to present a robot with different functions to the international jury. Young people, who are well aware that this job requires attention and effort, are now working hard on this project.


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