Sep 12 2018 11:03
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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A Dutch company unveiled the world's first plastic road in Zwolle on Tuesday. The 30-metre long bike path is made out of 100 percent plastic recyclables and Wavin, the Dutch company behind the invention, say it is expected to last three times longer than a normal paved road, at half the cost.

 “The plastic road is our answer to help cities become future-proof and ready for the future. It’s the first road made of recyclable plastics. The road itself is fully recyclable at the end of its lifetime. It’s not only a concept that not only makes roads better, faster, and easier to maintain, with a longer lifetime. But, it also helps to keep the city dry. We are now testing and experimenting, now in real life. In a real city. With real climate changes happening. And when we learn about the behavior of the road [when] its under difficult circumstances, we will [be able to] complete the development and make it ready for commercial launch.” Director of Marketing & Technology at Wavin Gert-Jan Maasdam said.                   

Developers from Wavin are keeping an eye on the prototype so that improvements can be made and the road can become market-ready. A second trial road will be built in November in Overijssel province



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